Nové Město na Moravě 07.– 18. 02.

Side events

Opening Show

Leading Czech acrobats will take over the square in Nové Město na Moravě and showcase the best of the new circus! The opening show Biathlon in the Sky will kick off on Tuesday, February 6th at 7:00 PM.

Get ready for a half-hour performance that will display biathlon in all its forms. The opening show is prepared for us by Letní Letná in collaboration with Losers Cirque Company and AirGym Art Company.

The flag parade of all participating countries will not be missing, although in quite an unexpected way. The entire evening will be hosted by the legendary Endru, who will then be succeeded on stage by the most popular Czech singer Ewa Farna.

Starting from 6:30 PM, Bratři v tricku will take care of the prelude with their Skiing Odyssey.


Ewa Farna
  • Tuesday, 6th February, 7:30 PM, square

The Biathlon World Championships will be opened by the most popular Czech singer of today. Ewa Farna's one-hour concert will directly follow the opening show.

  • Thursday, 8th February, 5:00 PM, square

A local star will perform as part of the Nové Město na Moravě Day.

  • Thursday, 8th February, 7:00 PM, square

The Nové Město World championships, just like in 2013, will be enhanced by the legendary Czech band Buty, whose concert will culminate the Nové Město na Moravě Day on Thursday, February 8th.

Anna K
  • Saturday, 10th February, 1:00 PM, square

A native of the Krkonoše Mountains and a former skier, she appeared at the World Championships in 2013. As a big biathlon fan, she cannot be absent in Nové Město na Moravě this year.

  • Saturday, 10th February, 4:05 PM, arena

We don't need to introduce this folk band from Brno to biathlon fans. Alfasrnec will, of course, play their biggest hit, Biatlon.

Tomáš Savka and Jakub Žídek
  • Sunday, 11th February, 1:30 PM, arena

Two great musicians will transform into Czech legendary duo Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr and perform a fragment from the play Jonáš a tingl-tangl.

Tros Discotequos
  • Saturday, 17th February, 12:20 PM, arena

Vojtěch Dyk, Jakub Prachař, and Jan Maxián guarantee great entertainment. Look forward to an improvisational mix of Czech and world hits.

Ivan Mládek
  • Sunday, 18th February, 1:15 PM, arena

Legendary musician Ivan Mládek will come with his Banjo Band.


Each race day will kick off in the fanzone with a DJ. On Friday, 9th, and Saturday, 10th February, the popular band Onkels will follow with Czech and world hits. During the final weekend, Alabama Music will serve traditional biathlon classics.

Autograph Session

On Thursday, 8th February, you can come to Vratislavovo Square for an autograph from one of the Czech biathlon legends.

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