Nové Město na Moravě 07.– 18. 02.

Visitor Regulations

The event rules apply to all areas of the Vysočina Arena in Nové Město na Moravě, which are enclosed by fences, marked with entrances, exits, tracks, and areas related to the organization of the BMW IBU World Championships Biathlon in Nové Město na Moravě 2024.

By entering the premises, every visitor agrees to abide by these rules throughout the event. In case of non-compliance, the organizer has the right to deny entry or terminate the visitor's stay at the event.

Visitors are aware that the area may is monitored by a camera system with recording.

Visitors consent that audio recordings, photographs, films, or videos featuring them, taken during or in connection with the event, may be used without financial compensation and without time or spatial limitations.

Event Rules

Entry to the Premises

Entry is allowed for all persons over 12 years of age, and those under 12 may enter only if accompanied by a person over 18 years of age.


Every visitor must undergo a security check (personal inspection and inspection of personal belongings, backpacks, or handbags) to ensure they do not contain prohibited items. The inspection can be done by a security officer, metal detector, or other security tools.

Prohibited Items for Entry:
  • alcoholic beverages and any kinds of drugs
  • dangerous items, umbrellas, poles longer than 1 meter, laser pointers that can be used as weapons, projectiles, or could harm third parties or their property
  • glass containers, cans, bottles, mugs that can be breakable and shatterable; or similar especially sharp objects
  • sprays, markers, chemicals, or dye substances
  • pyrotechnics, torches, weapons, and any items that can be dangerous due to their easy flammability
  • bulky items like folding chairs, strollers, large umbrellas, sleds, skis, bicycles, etc.
  • all animals, especially dogs
  • noise-making items such as sirens, horns

It is strictly forbidden to enter the premises with banners, flags, and any other items (e.g., clothing) containing racist, political, and discriminatory statements or symbolism. Similarly, it is prohibited to bring advertising banners and items not part of the contractual agreement of the respective event's organization. The organizer reserves the right to immediately confiscate any such items from visitors without compensation and expel or prevent entry to those who violate this ban.

Prohibited Actions within the Premises:
  • Entering areas not allowed for visitors and clearly marked as restricted to unauthorized persons
  • Destroying equipment and facilities
  • Writing, sticking, or painting on buildings, equipment, information signs, or paths
  • Driving any motor vehicles inside the premises without proper accreditation
  • Starting fires, igniting or shooting fireworks and flares
  • Urinating outside of toilets or otherwise contaminating the premises
  • Climbing or crossing buildings and equipment intended for public use, especially fences, walls, race track barriers, lighting equipment, camera stands, trees, poles of any kind, and roofs
  • Throwing objects or liquids of any kind onto the race tracks or visitor areas
  • Altering or modifying prepared tracks, or race and training corridors
  • Covering banners, flags, or otherwise advertising panels or other equipment placed in the stadium
  • Masking faces with balaclavas, hats, etc., to prevent identification of the visitor
Sales and Advertising

Any business activities such as operating refreshments, sales, or renting sports equipment, distributing or selling newspapers, magazines, print materials, advertising leaflets, as well as storing items inside the premises, are allowed only with written consent from the event organizer.

It is also not allowed to take photographs, make video recordings, and other recordings for commercial and business purposes.

Every participant must behave in a way that does not endanger or harm other participants and does not cause damage to any property. For security reasons and to ensure smooth conduct of this sporting event, all visitors and spectators must comply with instructions from the organizers, police, fire department, and security services.

Wireless Devices

Use of any wireless devices except mobile phones is prohibited in the stadium and track area. Violation of this rule may result in exclusion from the competition area.

Fans with Disabilities

Spaces for fans with disabilities in the stands have limited capacity in the Vysočina Arena for safety reasons.

Personal and Property Rights, Binding Regulations

Visitors must follow the instructions of personnel responsible for the operation of the premises, organizing and security services, as well as the Municipal Police of Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Police, Fire Rescue Service, Medical Rescue Service, or other information and communication media.

Organizers and their appointed persons (organizing and security service) can deny entry or expel from this sporting event any individuals who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, behave aggressively, or are suspected and likely to exhibit violent behavior.

Visitors are required to respect the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, general rules of decent behavior and good manners, i.e., especially courtesy and consideration, and are obliged to refrain from any manifestations of interpersonal, racial, religious, or political intolerance. In case of violation or non-compliance with this provision, a visitor engaging in clearly prohibited or faulty behavior may be removed from the BMW IBU World Championships Biathlon in Nové Město na Moravě 2024 and the Vysočina Arena.

The organizer reserves the right to change the program, particularly due to bad weather conditions.

Behavior of Non-Competing Persons in the Stadium, Stands, and at the Shooting Range

All persons are prohibited from providing athletes with any acoustic and visual information and advice, transmitting information to athletes through wireless technologies and similar communication methods at the shooting range and within the territory defined by 10 m before and 10 m behind the outer shooting positions. This prohibition does not apply to general expressions of enthusiasm and disappointment by spectators. Violation of these rules and any behavior disrupting the conduct of the competition may lead to the expulsion of persons from the premises.

It is prohibited to cross the race track, touch athletes, assist them, or otherwise hinder their athletic performance.

Responsibility for Damages

The visitor participates in the event at their own risk and is responsible for all damages caused by their actions.

The event organizer is not responsible for damage to the health and property of participants if such damage is not caused in direct connection with the violation of legal regulations by the organizer.

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