Nové Město na Moravě 07.– 18. 02.

Doprava a parkování

A shuttle service will be provided from the media hotels (Skalský dvůr, Orea Hotel Devět Skal, etc.). Further information will be provided during the week of 29 January to 2 February.

Public shuttle

Media can also use public transport/shuttle from Žďár nad Sázavou or Fryšava during the race days. The first bus will leave about 4 hours before the start, the interval will be 5-10 min. You can find details here


Parking spaces are limited. Each editorial team (from 1 to 4 persons) will receive one parking pass at accreditation. For a higher number of journalists (per editorial team), they will receive an additional parking pass.

In case of freezing weather, Media parking will be approximately 500 m from the Vysočina Arena (direction Vlachovice) - parking is on the meadow (grass surface). The wet option will be activated no later than 5 February. And everyone will be informed in time. Parking will be on a hard surface (foamed area).

RHB have already requested requests for parking passes through Eurovision. Parking passes are allocated based on availability.

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